Organising medical services for your event may be a complex and daunting process. Event Medical Plus Account Managers are here to help guide you through the process. Below are some frequently asked questions by our clients and patients.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us on (08) 7100 1924 or email us at

For Event Organisers

How does Event Medical Plus raise the standard in clinical care?

Event Medical Plus has dedicated in excess of 12 months in developing a comprehensive clinical governance framework that focuses on a combination of clinical skill sets, administration of medications and availability of equipment to deliver a minimum service level of advanced life support to most events. Utilising the significant experience of the senior management team and the network of partner organizations, Event Medical Plus is able to offer patients access to services at bulk-billed rates. This is an arrangement that is not able to be provided by another event medical services provider in the state of South Australia. For more information about our partners, please refer to our partners page. These services allow Event Medical Plus to extend the clinical care of the patient to services beyond the client’s event.

How will I know what level of service I will need?

Your Account Manager will work with you to understand your event intricately and provide you with a professional assessment of the services that are appropriate for your event, given the nature of the event, your insurance requirements, crowd size, anticipated weather and other factors that influence this.

Your Account Manager’s role is to assist you in finding additional steps that you can take in planning your event, to reduce the need for services such as ours. Our medical services are available, is to fill any gaps.

Can I change the service level that Event Medical Plus has proposed for my event?

You should discuss your specific request with your Account Manager. It is always possible to increase service levels, however, additional services incur additional costs.

Your Account Manager will work with you to ensure that, wherever possible, you are made aware of the steps that you can take to minimise the need for external services, including ours. Our role is to provide you with the service the you need to ensure that your patrons and staff are safe and able to be adequately cared for should the need arise.

The service proposal offered to you by your Account Manager will offer you the minimum level of service that your event needs, but may also offer alternative proposals for any additional services that you have requested.

Will Event Medical Plus transport my patrons or staff to hospital?

Where necessary, Event Medical Plus healthcare practitioners will arrange transport for ill and injured patients that is appropriate for their condition and provides them with an appropriate level of care. This may include contacting an ambulance to attend to or transport, ill or injured patients to a hospital.

These arrangements will be made in consultation with the patient wherever possible, to ensure that the option is both appropriate for their medical condition and practical given their individual circumstances.

I am an event organiser and need to contact a patron, who injured themselves at my event. Am I able to get details of their treatment/injury and their contact details?

Event Medical Plus must comply with relevant Privacy Laws. Every patient that we treat is asked to consent for this information to be provided to you. If they agree, then this information can be released to you. Alternatively, if they do not consent or are unable to consent, we can only provide you with de-identified, statistical information.

How can I make payment?

Event Medical Plus accepts payments in the following methods:

  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Paypal
  • Credit Card

For Patients

I received treatment from Event Medical Plus, am I able to get details of my treatment?

Yes. If you are the person who received treatment, or the legal guardian of such a person who is under 16 years old, you can request in writing and either email it to or post it to Event Medical Plus, PO Box 1041, PASADENA, SA 5042. For privacy reasons, such information cannot be released to the family or friends of a patient, if they are aged 16 years or older.

I attended an event and was treated by Event Medical staff for an injury or illness. Will I have to pay for this treatment?

No. Event Medical Plus services are paid for by the organisers of the event that you attended. The fee that they paid includes any and all treatments that Event Medical Plus healthcare practitioners provided to you. It is important to note, however, that where a third-party provider was engaged, such as an ambulance, taxi or you attended hospital or clinic, even on recommendation or referral of Event Medical Plus healthcare practitioners, those service arrangements are between you and the service providers and may incur separate fees. Event Medical Plus healthcare practitioners will discuss this with you at the time of recommending such services.

I received treatment from Event Medical Plus staff. Will my details be provided to event staff?

Event Medical Plus staff are bound by Privacy Laws. Where possible, you will be asked for your consent to release this information to the event organisers. If you do not sign the form to permit this release of information, only de-identified, statistical information will be provided. Where you are under 18 years of age, a legal guardian will need to sign this consent.