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Our Services

Through a robust risk assessment process, your Event Medical Plus Account Manager will ensure that the services offered meet your expectations and requirements and are suited to your needs. The Account Manager works to a mandate of bringing you the most cost-effective solution, meaning that it is their role to bring down the price of our services to you.

In doing so, they will help you identify the ways in which you can make your event safer and ideally, not need our services at all. Where this cannot be achieved, our services are available to fill the gaps.

We will work through a comprehensive assessment of your event, including the many things that influence the need for our services and look to offer you a service proposal that is based on those services that you need for your event to ensure that your patrons are adequately and appropriately cared for, should they fall ill or injured. Things that we will take into account during this process may include:

  • The number of participants or patrons at your event.
  • The demographics of the participants or patrons at your event.
  • The type of event or activities that will happen at the event.
  • The weather and environmental conditions that your event will endure.
  • Distance to the nearest hospitals or medical services.
  • The type of services that you would like us to offer.
  • The infrastructure that you are able to provide.
  • Any additional requests that you would like us to consider.

The assessment process will determine how our service will look on the day and will determine how many healthcare practitioners we will need to roster, the equipment that we will need to have available and the manner in which patrons will be able to access our services on the day.

Additionally, Event Medical Plus will liaise with local medical clinics, hospitals and other services to ensure that they are adequately prepared and potentially be able to offer further services to your event that could reduce the cost of our services further.

This includes existing arrangements that Event Medical Plus has with specialist medial centres in the Adelaide metropolitan area and some surrounding areas, for priority bulk-billed consultations for patrons who are referred to these clinics by Event Medical Plus healthcare practitioners. Specialist services include priority radiology, pathology and medical services that include Return-to-Work SA accredited providers. This also allows us to assist you with the provision of a comprehensive medical service.

Please feel free to read our Frequently Asked Questions or our Case Studies to find out more information about the services Event Medical Plus offers.

To receive a quote for your event, or to ask more questions, please feel free to contact us or call us on (08) 7100 1924.

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